How It Works

Save time, money, and the environment with Boontrek, the simplest way to ride share on the web!


About Us

Headed to work? Maybe out of town for the weekend? Going to the grocery store? Use Boontrek to get you there! Launched in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, this community marketplace for ride sharing is the modern day technological alternative to the slug line. It's safe, fun, and easy to use.

Better than allowing the empty seats in your vehicle go to waste, or public transportation, Boontrek allows you to be matched with a driver or passenger looking to go to the same place you are. Boontrek uses a sophisticated equation based on the route the driver takes and the exact car they drive to figure out what half the driver's costs are-the passenger(s) then chip in for the portion of the ride they share.

Version 1.0 Coming Soon

This is a beta version of Boontrek. What that means is we are still in development and working on the site a lot. But we wanted real users to interact with the site to help us identify areas we need to change and improve. As a result, your candid feedback is welcome and encouraged. And don't worry: while in beta, Boontrek is absolutely free!


Let's Get Started!


Getting Set Up

First, Sign Up using Facebook. One click, and you're ready to go. We will upload your profile picture, birthday (you must be 18 years and older to use Boontrek), your employer information, your education, and some information about you like your activities and interests. This will give fellow passengers and drivers some insight on who they will share a ride with. After that, logging in is a snap!

Log In With Facebook


Don't have Facebook? Not a problem. Just fill out the form on the Sign Up page and click 'Create Account.'


Create An Account


Sharing A Ride

Once your profile is complete, head to the Dashboard, designate that you will be the 'Passenger' and start uploading your itinerary for the rides you want to take.

Sharing A Ride


Offering A Ride

If you're going to be providing a ride to someone, you'll need to fill out your profile a little further. From your Dashboard, find the 'My Profile' section and click to 'view/edit' yourself. Here, you will need to provide a valid driver's license state and number in order to be able to offer rides on Boontrek.

Don't have a valid driver's license? That's ok. Use Boontrek to ride share with other drivers.

Once you have entered your driver's license info, you will then need to upload information about the vehicle you are offering a ride in. Please note: a picture must be included. Just step outside and snap a quick pic on your Smartphone---it'll only take a second. Sorry, but stock photography is not allowed.

Once the Vehicle Information section of your profile is complete, be sure to save the changes, and you're ready to get rollin'. Just head to the Dashboard, designate that you will be the 'Driver' and start uploading your itinerary with rides you want to share.


Upload Your Itinerary

It's easy to start using Boontrek.

1) Choose whether your trip is one way or roundtrip.
2) Indicate if you will be the Driver (you are looking to offer a ride in your vehicle) or the Passenger (you are looking to share a ride with a Driver). If you are the driver, be sure to designate the vehicle for that exact itinerary.
3) Select your Departure date for each part of the itinerary.
4) Establish your pick up timeframe for each part of the itinerary. Tip: the more flexible you can be and the larger a window you can designate, the greater number of matches that will be produced.
5) Tell the system where you want to leave from or be picked up. This can be an exact address, an intersection, a neighborhood, and airport---you have a lot of flexibility here.
6) The Destination is where you want to end up. Again, this can be exact or general.
7) Click 'Upload Itinerary'.

Upload Itinerary


Once a ride is loaded into your itinerary, the map will provide you with the best route and your itinerary will be listed in the 'My Posted Rides' section. To then search to see if there is a matching itinerary already uploaded in Boontrek, click on the 'Search' button next to each ride.

Posted Rides


Not a match yet? Boontrek will keep your itinerary in the system until you're matched with a passenger or your ride expires. For best results, upload as many itineraries as your know as far in advance as you can. This will give you the best chance of being matched with a fellow driver or passenger.

Posted Rides


Confirming A Ride

In order for you to earn miles for a ride, both passenger and driver will have to confirm each other for a particular ride. Once confirmed, each will receive an e-mailed copy of their itinerary. Remember to check your spam folder if you don't receive your e-mail itinerary quickly.


What Are The Boxes On The Map?

Each box indicates your deviation radius at your point of origin and destination. Simply put, how far out of your way are you willing to go to be matched with a passenger or driver. For best results, you may click and drag the box along your intended route to ensure as little deviation from your planned trip as possible. As you manipulate each box, if matches exist, they will be denoted in the search results.


Boontrek Odometer

Every ride you confirm on Boontrek earns you miles. As your mileage increases, you'll be able to redeem the miles for rewards, such as free rides and other great stuff. So start earning today-award rides are redeemed with as little as 10,000 miles!


What Would You Change?

If you are having any issues with how the site works, things aren't working as expected, or you just have some ideas of how we could make it better. Fill out the suggestion form. We are always open to ideas of how to make this the best possible service for you. Click here to submit a suggestion