While there is no substitute for common sense, here are some of the ways we are working on ensuring our community's safety while using Boontrek:

Additionally, DLs are kept on file and incrementally rechecked on an on going basis. Completed profiles including mandatory profile photos are required for all users so that you know who you're riding or driving with. A picture and VIN are required by those offering rides to ensure the accurate year, make, model, and color of the vehicle that is being ridden in.

Ratings and reviews are left on all Boontrek users after each trip to help better inform the next person that drives or rides. All accounts are linked through Facebook to help identify social network connections so that friends in common can provide references for riders and drivers that don't yet know each other.

Give your fellow rider or driver greater peace of mind:
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Gain a gold star on your account indicating you have performed a voluntary criminal and drivers background check that has resulted in no arrests, convictions, or major moving violations. Learn more here