What Is Boontrek?

We are a community marketplace for ride sharing.

Boontrek is a brand new approach to an underused transportation alternative: ride sharing. If you've ever driven around a major metropolitan area in the U.S., or even abroad, and have been confounded by the overwhelming number of vehicles choking the transportation arteries, perhaps you've asked yourself: with all the empty seats on the road, why aren't more people car pooling? Boontrek is the solution to that problem. Created with the intent to change how we use our personal forms of transportation, Boontrek uses social networking to match riders and drivers who have compatible itineraries so that drivers can operate their vehicles more efficiently by ensuring that their empty seats are occupied, while giving riders an affordable, point-to-point transportation alternative. So how does it work? It's easy. It's free. Here's how:

Step 1: Create an account.

Step 2: Post where you are going or where you want to go. (Both riders and drivers can post their itineraries.)

Step 3: Use our unique, interactive ride-matching interface to see how surrounding matches can be created for unique ride sharing opportunities.

Step 4: Check out your prospective, community rated and reviewed rider or driver's profile.

Step 5: Meet up and get where you need to go!